Author: Walkden, M.J.A.

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A framework for coastal and erosion risk management science.
Sayers, P.B.and Tarrant, O. and Brew, D. and Wallis, M. and Walkden, M.J.A.
In: ICE Coastal Management Conference, 15-16 November 2011, Belfast, UK. (2011)

iCOASST – integrating coastal sediment systems.
Nicholls, R.J.and Bradbury, A. and Burningham, H. and Dix, J. and Ellis, M. and French, J. and Hall, J.W. and Karunarathna , H. and Lawn, J. and Pan, S. and Reeve, D.E. and Rogers, B. and Souza, A. and Stansby, P.K. and Sutherland, J. and Tarrant, O. and Walkden, M.J.A. and Whitehouse, R.J.S.
In: ICCE 2012 (33rd International Conference on Coastal Engineering), 2012, Santander, Spain. (2012)

Impacts of climate change on coastal flood risk in England and Wales: 2030-2100.
Hall, J.H.and Sayers, P.B. and Walkden, M.J.A. and Panzeri, M.
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 364 (1841). pp. 1027-1049. (2006)

Simulating mesoscale coastal evolution for decadal coastal management: a new framework integrating multiple, complementary modelling approaches.
Van Maanen, B.and Nicholls, B. and French, J.R. and Barkwith, A. and Bonaldo, D. and Burningham, H. and Murray, A.B. and Payo, A. and Sutherland, J. and Thornhill, G. and Townend, I.H. and van der Wegen, M. and Walkden, M.J.A.
Geomorphology, 256 (1). pp. 68-80. (2016)

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