Author: White, W.R.

Number of items: 7.

A study on river regime.
White, W.R.and Bettess , R.
Technical Report. Hydraulics Research Wallingford. (1986)

Evacuation of sediments from reservoirs.
White, W.R.
Technical Report. Thomas Telford. (2001)

Experiments on alluvial friction.
Shiqiang, W.and White, W.R. and Bettess , R.
Technical Report. Hydraulics Research Wallingford. (1986)

Extending the scope of standard specifications for open channel flow gauging structures.
White, W.R.and Whitehead, E. and Forty, E.J.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford . (2000)

Physical and numerical modelling of aerators for dam spillways - contract completion report.
White, W.R.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford. (1991)

Sediment transport: an appraisal of available methods.
White, W.R.and Milli, H. and Crabbe, A.D.
Technical Report. Hydraulics Research Station . (1973)

Tables for the design of stable alluvial channels.
White, W.R.and Paris, E. and Bettess, R.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford Ltd, Wallingford. (1981)

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