Author: Woolhouse, G.

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A review of the consideration of climate change in the planning of hydropower schemes in sub-Saharan Africa.
Lumbroso, D.and Woolhouse, G. and Jones, L.
Climatic Change, 133 (4). pp. 621-633. (2015)

Decision-making for strengthening climate resilience: dealing with data paucity in the Caribbean water supply sector.
Hofmann, B.and Woolhouse, G. and Walmsley, N. and Tsarouchi, G.
In: AGU Fall Meeting 2019, 9-13 December 2019, San Francisco, USA. (2019)

Infoworks 2D – a new dimension to flood modelling.
Woolhouse, G.
In: WaPUG Spring Meeting 2008, 3 June 2008, Coventry. (2008)

Intelligent meshing for two dimensional overland flow modelling; a comparison of two methodologies.
Mulet-Marti, J.and Underhill, C. and Gutierrez Andres, J. and Woolhouse, G.
In: International Conference on Urban Flood Management , 26-27 November 2009, Paris. (2009)

Quantifying the carbon footprint of coastal construction – a new tool HRCAT.
Broekens, R.and Escarameia, M. and Cantelmo, C. and Woolhouse, G.
In: ICE Coastal Management 2011, 15-17 November 2011, Belfast. (2011)

Solutions to long-term water supply–demand balance challenges: Decision making under uncertainty in the Marquis catchment.
Woolhouse, G.and Montoute, M. and Ernest, J.
In: CWWA Annual Conference 2019, 14-18 October 2019, Saint Kitts and Nevis. (2019)

Supporting the Integration of Climate Resilience in the Water Supply Sector in the Caribbean - training manual.
Walmsley, N.and Woolhouse, G. and Numi, A. and Grainger, N. and Clarke, J.
Manual. HR Wallingford, Wallingford. (2018)

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