Year: 1994

Number of items: 5.

Alderney breakwater: the quest for a final solution.
Allsop, W.and Briggs, M.W. and Denziloe, T. and Skinner , A.E.
Coastal Structures and Breakwaters (DOI: 10.1680/csab.16729). pp. 303-319. ISSN 978-0-7277-4006-9 (1994)

The development and application of a computational model of directional wave transformation in harbours.
Tozer, N.P.and Smallman, J.V.
In: Hydro-Port'94, 19-21 October 1994, Yokosuka, Japan. (1994)

Observations of the turbulent structure of a suspension of sand in a tidal current.
Soulsby, R.L.and Atkins, R. and Salkield, A.P.
Continental Shelf Research, 14 . pp. 429-435. (1994)

Sediment transport by currents plus irregular waves.
Ockenden, M.C.and Soulsby, R.L.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford . (1994)

Stability of rock armoured beach control structures.
Allsop, W.and Jones, R.J.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford . (1994)

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