Year: 2018

Number of items: 12.

A 3D parallel Particle-In-Cell solver for wave interaction with vertical cylinders.
Chen, Q.and Zang, J. and Kelly, D.M. and Dimakopoulos, A.
Ocean Engineering, 147 . pp. 165-180. (2018)

A computational model for wave attenuation by flexible vegetation.
Mattis, S.and Kees, C. and Wei, M. and Dimakopoulos, A. and Dawson, C.
Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Engineering . (Submitted) (2018)

Applying Gaussian process emulators for coastal wave modelling.
Malde, S.and Tozer, N.P. and Oakley, J. and Gouldby, B.P. and Liu, Y. and Wyncoll, D.
Coastal Engineering Journal . (Submitted) (2018)

Computational study of the force and surface pressure on rectangular buildings in a steady free channel flow.
Bahmanpour, A.and Eames, I. and Richardson, S. and Rossetto, T.
Journal of fluids and structures . (Submitted) (2018)

Dams for small hydropower in Scotland.
Sheerman-Chase, A.and Veitch, A. and Hinks, J.
In: British Dam Society Conference 2018, September 2018, Swansea, UK. (Submitted) (2018)

Editorial: Knowledge that underpins flood risk management.
Samuels, P.G.
Journal of Flood Risk Management, S1 . S3-S4. (2018)

Evolutionary leap in large-scale flood risk assessment needed.
Vorogushyn, S.and Bates, P.D. and de Bruijn, K. and Castellarin, A. and Kreibich, H. and Priest, S. and Schröter, K. and Bagli, S. and Blöschl, G. and Domeneghetti, A. and Gouldby, B.P. and Klijn, F. and Lammersen, R. and Neal, J.C. and Ridder, N. and Terink, W. and Viavattene, C. and Viglione, A. and Zanardo, S. and Merz, B.
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water, Early view . ISSN 2049-1948 (2018)

Fuse plug spillways.
Hinks, J.and Goff, C.
In: British Dam Society Conference 2018, September 2018, Swansea, UK. (Submitted) (2018)

iCOASST: using morphological modelling to guide decision-making at the coast.
Heron, E.and Woods-Ballard, B. and Blanco, B. and Manson, S. and Tarrant, O. and Gouldby, B.P. and Simm, J.D. and Panzeri, M.
In: Flood & Coast 2018, 20-22 March 2018, Telford, UK. (Submitted) (2018)

International guidance on use of natural and nature-based features in flood and coastal management.
Bridges, T.and Simm, J.D. and Pontee, N. and Guy, J.
In: Flood & Coast 2018, 20-22 March 2018, Telford, UK. (Submitted) (2018)

Large-wave simulation of breaking waves over a beach.
Dimas, A.and Dimakopoulos, A. and Kolokythas, G.
In: Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation X. ERCOFTAC Series (24). Springer, pp. 491-496. ISBN 978-3-319-63211-7 (2018)

Technical note: comparison of methods for threshold selection for extreme sea levels.
Caballero-Megido, C.and Hillier, J. and Wyncoll, D. and Bosher, D. and Gouldby, B.P.
Journal of Flood Risk Management, Early view . (2018)

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